Best Makeup Kits Under Rs. 1000 In India (Make Your Own Kit)

Off lately, e-commerce websites have been our go-to destination for shopping. The amazing part is that they are preferred for all kinds of purchasing, be it home essentials, gadgets, apparel, and even makeup! 

For the women who are on the go, having the makeup basics for those client meetings and impromptu Friday nights is essential.

We present to you a list of makeup must-haves for all the independent females out there within 1000 price range readily available on Flipkart and Amazon! They will easily fit in your handbag and prove your solution for all the touch-up needs. You can check the best selling make up kits in India on Amazon with a click.

This kit comprises of all the best products from both local and global brands available in the beauty industry. They not only fit the bill of the price range but will also take care of every lady’s needs of getting ready in just a few seconds while travelling.

Ranging from basics like kajal and eyeliner to face mist and eye shadow, these products are travel friendly and will jazz up your look for all kinds of occasions be it personal or professional.

All you need to do is purchase the below-mentioned products as per the requirements, stack them up in the cosmetic bag and voila! Your compact travel companion kit will be ready in no time.

Use them to touch up for a presentable look for your business meets or add the glamour to your appearance for the soirees/after office parties.

An ideal compact makeup kit with the best beauty brands within Rs. 1000

Make your own makeup kit with the list of best beauty products from top brands at The Suggester. We have included Amazon India link of each product, So simply follow the link and make your kit now.

1) Maybelline Gel Kajal

Priced at Rs. 500, it comes in both a mini bottle and a pencil form. Ideal for all skin types, it will highlight your eyes, making them attractive and beautiful. While the bottle one comes in black color, the pencil variety of the brand range, Tattoo Studio Gel Liner Pencil, comes in shades of Rich Amethyst (royal blue), Deep Teal, Intense Charcoal (black), and Sparkling Silver. It comes with twin usage, as it is both a kajal and eyeliner.

Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Check Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (for bottle packaging) at Amazon India

Maybelline New York Tattoo Studio Gel Liner Pencil

Check Maybelline New York Tattoo Studio Gel Liner Pencil Royal Blue (for pencil packaging) at Amazon India.

Colour Options – Deep teal on Amazon India | Sparkling Silver on Amazon India

2) Lakmé 9-5 Lipstick

It comes in vibrant colors and matte finish, which makes our lips aesthetic and attractive. They are ideal while going for drinks with friends or office parties as they will add a splash of color to your mundane office outfit.

Also, as the name suggests, they are durable and won’t wipe off easily. This range comes with a primer base too. The ladies can opt for either the stick version or the bottle version which comes with a brush for easy application. 

Amazon Link (for stick packaging)

Amazon Link (for bottle packaging)

3) Miniso Cosmetic Bag

Off lately, Miniso has become our shopping hub for its variety of quirky items and affordable prices. The brand spoils the customers with its various options in sizes, designs, and colors. This compact pouch/makeup bag will fit in your office handbag and has the capacity to accommodate all the makeup essentials.

4) Eyeliner

For a sober look, one can opt for Faces Canada’s liquid black eyeliner priced at Rs. 250 and Ultra Pro Matte which comes at Rs. 650. For a party look, the Maybelline New York’s blue and Stardust Gold liquid eyeliner at priced within Rs. 300 would be the best choice adding the much-needed blitz and glitz to your mundane office formals for an after-office party!

Faces Canada Magneteyes Eyeliner

Amazon Link for Faces Canada, Check Now

Amazon Link for Faces Canada (Ultra Pro Matte)

Amazon Link for Maybelline New York (Blue)

Amazon Link for Maybelline New York(Stardust)

5) Hello Kitty Makeup Brushes Online

It provides makeup brushes for all kinds of usage from foundation to eye shadow along with makeup sponges and a metallic box. The basic variety coming at a price range of Rs. 90 to 600 bucks is ideal for beginners and who want to carry light. It can be purchased from Amazon.

Amazon Link for Hello Kitty Spanking Mini 7 Piece Brush Set for Women, Check Now!

6) Maybelline Nudepalette Eye Shadow

It comes in a variety of color palettes. The Blush Nudes and Gold Nude fit in the 1k criteria but they are to vouch for as they will adorn your eyes with beauty for both daily wear to the office and wee hours party. Coming with both a mix of subtle and shiny colors, it should be in every lady’s handbag.

Maybelline Eye Shadow Amazon Link

7) Lip Balm

Lip balm is a good option and an alternative for lip guard. It comes with a tint that makes our lips supple, lightly colored leaving them attractive and protected from UV rays. LotusThe Body Shop’s lip balm and juicer, and Nivea are the best brands that offer variety in flavors and packaging. They are priced within 250 rupees mark.   

Amazon Link for Lotus

Amazon Link for Body Shop:

Amazon Link for Nivea:

8) Vaseline Lip Guard

The lip care essential is important for all seasons. If you prefer the lip guard over lip balm, then which other brand could be than our old and gold Vaseline. Preventing your lips from chapping, the tube variety is priced at Rs. 135 and the fruity flavored rotating chapstick is of Rs. 150. 

Amazon Link for Strawberry chapstick

9) Nudeshades Lipsticks

Faces Canada’s lipsticks are not only pocket-friendly but also ideal for daily wear in the office or meetings. They are light on the lips and moisturizing and are priced at Rs. 250. Its Ultimate Pro HD variety is primer based and provides protection from the sun’s UV rays. The users can purchase it for Rs. 800 from Amazon

Amazon link for Ultimate Pro HD

Amazon Link for Weightless Matte

Amazon link for Weightless Crème

10) Face Wipes

These are a boon for every female especially the ones possessing oily skin. The best brands available are Himalaya and Kara within Rs. 200. They come in a lot of variety including Aloe Vera and Cucumber, Neem and Tea Tree, fragrance based, etc. Our picks are-

Amazon Link for Himalaya Moisturising Aloe Vera face wipes

Amazon Link for Kara Youth Oxy-infusion

11) Face Mist

Along with a face wipe, this mist is another god gift. It compensates for the unavailability of water to freshen up and leaves the skin rejuvenated. Plum’s Green Tea, Khadi Natural and Kama Ayurveda are the best ones to go ahead which are priced within Rs. 350. 

Amazon Link for Plum’s Green Tea

Amazon Link for Khadi Natural Mint and Cucumber

Amazon Link for Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose

12) Travel Perfume

Skinn by Titan’s select varieties are available within 1k mark. They are neutrally scented and are apt for all occasions; be it office, meetings, or brunch with friends.   

Amazon Link:

 13) BB Cream

To have a nude no-makeup look on your face without applying too much makeup, BB cream is the best bet.  Colorbar and Lotus Whiteglow are worth mentioning with their non-sticky and non-oily features. 

Amazon Link for Colorbar

Amazon Link for Lotus

14) Concealer

To hide the face acne, spots, pores, and dark circles, concealer is the girl’s best friend. Revlon’s select options come within 1k mark in the stick packaging whereas Lakmé and Maybelline come in a bottle with a brush and roll-on version. 

Amazon Link for Revlon Colorstay

Amazon Link for Lakmé Absolute

Amazon Link for Maybelline New York Fit Me

15) Primer

Colorbar’s Primer originally priced at Rs. 850 is ideal for all types of skin and will give a perfect finish to the face. It is one of the best products and solutions for touching up your skin in a few seconds without using many products on your face. 

Amazon Link for Colorbar Primer

16) Face Powder

Revlon would be the apt brand to go for a product that doesn’t leave your face caked and gives it an even base. Its loose finishing powder and Touch and Glow Moisturizing Powder are both available within the 1k price range. They are not only long-lasting and skin-friendly but each comes with its distinct features.

Amazon Link for Loose Finishing powder

Amazon Link for Touch and Glow

17) Mascara

Waterproof mascara is a girl’s best friend! It is much needed in every female’s makeup kit. Lotus Herbals and L’Oreal both fit in the 1k category and are long-lasting and non-smudgy. It will add the required curve to your eyes.

Amazon Link for Lotus Herbals

Amazon Link for L’Oreal Lash Paradise

Amazon Link for Volume Million Lashes

18) Eyelash Curler

Vega’s eye curler will accentuate your eyelashes and will give them the ultra-curvy look. Curling the lashes prior to coating them with mascara will help give them the best shape. This magical product is available at just Rs. 190 on Amazon.  

Amazon Link for Vega Eye Curler

19) Hand Cream

This will be your constant companion and is a must one in your makeup kit. Dove, VaselinemCaffeine, and Khadi Natural all of them can be availed within Rs. 1000 in different varieties providing the much-required nourishment and softness to your lovely hands! Who would like to shake hands with a rough hand right? 

Amazon Link for Dove Coconut

Amazon Link for mCaffeine Naked and Raw coffee

Amazon Link for Khadi Naturals Milk and Saffron Herbal hand cream with Shea Butter

20) Hairbrush With A Mirror

Vega’s foldable hairbrush with a mirror is there for your tangled hair problems. It can be folded open for use and closed when in the bag and hence, uses less space. It is our savior as which lady would like her hair disheveled right? This compact item is available at an affordable price of Rs. 160.  

Amazon Link for Vega’s Hairbrush

The best part is that all of the above mentioned are available on Amazon and Flipkart. If you are lucky, you can even get them at heavy discounts or reduced prices when there is a sale.

The e-commerce platforms will ensure that there is no compromise on the quality of the products. These online shopping sites also offer easy return and exchange options along with contactless delivery keeping in mind the convenience and hygienic safety of its customers.

Whoever said women need diamonds to make them happy haven’t tried gifting makeup yet! Our makeup kit with a variety of cosmetic brands is our treasured asset. And the ones which can be carried in our handbags or occupy less space are a boon!

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