7 Best Helmets For Royal Enfield Bike in 2021

Are you looking for the best helmet for the Royal Enfield bike in India in 2021?

If yes here we have listed the 7 best helmet options from branded companies for your Royal Enfield bike.

These Royal Enfield helmets are stylish and provide essential safety while riding the RE bike.

We have included the open face and full-face helmets which are best suitable for all the Royal Enfield models.

Have you always been looking for helmets that compliments your Royal Enfield as well as protects you or at least keeps you safe while on road?

Helmets have been an integral part of Bike Riders, living in the modern age that we are, people are looking for Helmets that promise you safety as well as displays your rider personality with finesse.

Royal Enfield has been the dream bike of every young boy out there, as ever since childhood guys have been fascinated by the thumping sound of this beast of a bike.

Nowadays, people look for Helmets that can make you look stylish and cool as well as promises your safety if ever you encounter a dangerous situation.

Riding without a helmet is not advisable as it can lead to severe damages if you ever face an accident.

Proper safety gear, especially the helmet which is of the best quality, best biking gloves etc. are all advised.

Below has been a curated list of 7 helmets that would look perfect with your Royal Enfield and take care of your safety needs as well as your #RiderGoals

Buying Guide – 4 Things to keep in mind before buying a helmet for your Royal Enfield bike

  1. Strength of the Helmet
  2. Cushioning of good quality
  3. Visor
  4. Shape, size and quality of the material used

With this lets get into the complete Royal Enfiled Best Helmet Guide.

List of Top 7 Best Helmets For Royal Enfield Bike in India

Find top 7 best helmet options for your Royal Enfield Bike in India. These helmets are suitable for Bullet, Classic 350, Himalayan, Thunderbird, Interceptor 650, Gunmetal Grey, and desert storm RE bikes.

  1. Steelbird SBA-2 7WINGS Full Face Helmet
  2. Royal Enfield Battle Green Full Face Helmet
  3. Steelbird Sb-27 Open Face Graphic Helmet
  4. Vega Crux He 1284 Full Face Helmet
  5. Steelbird R2K Helmet
  6. Vega Off Road Face Graphic Helmet
  7. Sepia Muscle Rider Open Face Helmet

Let’s jump into it

1) Steelbird SBA-2 7WINGS Full Face Helmet (Rating 4.2 out of 5)

The Steelbird SBA-2 7 Wings has been one among the best helmets to have ever released which has attracted almost every other Royal Enfield owner.

Steelbird SBA-2 Review:

The looks are the highlight of this helmet and the design is like a cherry on the top and complements your Royal Enfield as no other helmet does.

The quality of the helmet has been designed in a way that looks after the safety of the wearer.

Steelbird Exclusive SBA-2 7WINGS Full Face Helmet in India
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Comfort and safety of the helmet wearer have been taken care of as it has Layers of EPS, as well as healthy interior design, innovative breathable system, and a neck protector which all adds up to the features of this helmet.

Talking about the visor, it already comes with a night vision feature which helps you escape the struggle of changing the visor during the night also it is made of anti-scratchable material which makes it long-lasting


  • Anti-Scratchable and Night Vision Visor
  • Better quality cushioning
  • Layers of EPS concussion paddling lines


  • The design could have been better


If you are looking for a helmet which is comfortable, trendy and eye-catching. Then you should absolutely go ahead with this helmet, as the mid-range price at which it is being sold won’t hurt your pocket as well.

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2) Royal Enfield Battle Green Full Face Helmet (Rating 4.4 out of 5)

This Royal Enfield Battle Green full-face helmet gives such a tremendous look that you’ll love the design within the time you lay eyes upon them. It’s also stylish and trendy.

Royal Enfield Helmet Review: It boosts the personality of a person using it with a Royal Enfield as the helmet has been designed in a way that it is bound to look amazing with the bike.

Also, it is very long-lasting because of the robust material it’s made up of. If you’re looking for a mid-range helmet, this is the product for you.

royal enfield brand helmet in india
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It will definitely satisfy you because it comes with an ISI (IS – 4151) and DOT (FMVSS 218) certification. 

The helmet is quite lightweight and scratch-resistant. It comes with a plethora of features that include Aerodynamic design that makes you stand out among the crowd, ESP internal liner that keeps you safe, internal jaw protector for the comfort of your jaws, and UV treated outer shell. Besides all this, it also provides ventilation facilities.

Due to all these features, this makes up for a perfect choice for a helmet.


  • Internal Jaw Protector
  • ESP Internal Liner
  • Ventilation Facilities


  • Could be a tad bit expensive


If you are looking for a helmet which comes with a lot of features and looks good on you while cruising through the roads on your Royal Enfield. Then this helmet is the one you should go for. 

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3) Steelbird Sb-27 7Wings Tank Open Face Graphic Helmet (Rating 4.2 out of 5)

If you are searching for an open face helmet, then you should go for Steelbird SB-27 7WINGS. 

Steelbird SB-27 Review:

Due to this open face facility, it provides a clearer vision than any of the helmets in the market do. 

Although it’s very lightweight, it provides perfect support for your riding skills on your Royal Enfield.

Steelbird SB 27 open face helmet for royal enfiled
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Even though it is lightweight but these helmets are so enduring and provide you with the utmost protection.

This is so much reliable and affordable because it comes within the mid-range budget with long-lasting usage features and guaranteed safety.

Its eccentric design reduces the risk of head and neck problems as well as it fits easily on to any head shape because of its amazing and comforting internal cushioning.


  • Lightweight
  • Provides Neck protection


  • Visor (bad quality)


If someone is looking for a helmet that doesn’t bump their pockets but gives an amazing graphic design printed helmet for an affordable price then this is the one you got to buy to show how much you love your Royal Enfield

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4) Vega Crux He 1284 Full Face Helmet (Rating 4.3 out of 5)

If you are planning to buy a sturdy and well-built helmet but on an affordable budget, then Vega Crux HE1284 Full Face Helmet is a perfect choice.

Vega Crux Helmet Review:

Due to its low budget, it is one of the best-selling helmets in India. It contains padded cushioning in the interior to prevent neck problems as well as protect your head from sudden impact, whenever you hit a sudden break.

These ISI approved helmets are designed in such a way that it overcomes the sweating problem. It fits everyone because of its cool silent chain strap lock.

vera crux HE 1284 full face helmet for royal enfield
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Also, there is a button that helps to open and close the front face of the helmet very easily. These helmets are approved by ISI.

It contains ABS shell which prevents the helmet to displace from its original position while riding a bike at even the fastest of the speed.


  • Protects head during sudden impacts
  • ISI approved Helmet
  • Outer shell made of ABS material


  • Visor quality disappoints


If your search involves a helmet that is strongly built and is well within the mid-range budget to be affordable. Then the Vega Crux HE1284 is the partner that your Royal Enfield had been craving for.

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5) Steelbird R2K Helmet (Rating 4.2 out of 5)

Steelbird R2K Helmet’s highlight is the trendy and sporty look that is the main reason why people love these versions of the helmet.

Steelbird R2K Review:

Everybody is in search of a helmet that comes with different safety features as well as looks cool on them while they are riding on their Royal Enfield.

Steelbird R2K helmets come as an answer to these kinds of helmets. This ISI certified helmet has a hygienic interior that is provided with breathable padding alongside long cheek pads provided for extra comfort that is just a bonus to why this is one of the best helmets available in the market.

steelbird r2k full face helmet for royal enfield
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The best part is the three different options it gives in visors which include a plain visor, smoke visor, and night vision visor.

Also, it’s additional features include ABS shell which protects your head from an accident, eliminating neck problems for longer use as well as being lightweight. 

All in all, this is the perfect helmet for a rider who loves to take his bullet on road.


  • ABS Shell that protects your head during an accident
  • Lightweight
  • ISI mark certified


  • Made of uneven surface


If a sporty looking helmet with features that provides you with a comfortable ride during cruising on your Royal Enfield fascinated you then the Steelbird R2K Helmet is bound to be your favourite safety gear while getting on the road.

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6) Vega Off Road Face Graphic Helmet (Ratings 4.3 out of 5)

Another helmet that is popular among Royal Enfield lovers is the Vega Off-Road Face Helmet.

Vega Helmet Review for RE:

This helmet is just the perfect combination of how a sporty and classic look combined will look.

It has been amazingly designed for long term use and ensures that you have no neck problems even if you use it for a whole day.

Vega Off Road D/V Sketch Dull Full Face Helmet For Royal Enfield Bike
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The comfortable interior which consists of foam padding for cushioning your head, as well as the scratch-resistant thermoplastic outer shell which saves you from the harmful UV rays, comes off as a bonus along with the lightweight structure which just adds up to the feature that comes along with it.

The best part is it comes with a silent chain strap lock which allows you to comfortably adjust the helmet according to your head as well as it is detachable which allows you to wash it as well and to maintain its newness throughout the time you’re using it.


  • Lightweight
  • Silent Chain Strap Lock
  • Scratch Resistant Thermoplastic Outer Shell


  • The quality used in making this helmet is a bit cheap


Vega Off Road Face helmet is the perfect helmet for you if you want a comfortable helmet or a helmet for long term use.

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7) Sepia Muscle Rider Open Face Helmet (Rating 4 out of 5)

One of the bests and one of the favourites of Royal Enfield riders is the Sepia Muscle Rider Open Face Helmet.

Sepia Helmet Review For Royal Enfield Bike:

This helmet is completely value for money, in terms of its pricing, in terms of looks, in terms of the fact that how well this helmet complement Royal Enfield.

The features provided with this sort of pricing has been the success behind the people liking this product.

The highlight being its visor is anti-fog, anti-scratch, and also provides a broad visual field clear from the visor.

The helmet’s aerodynamic design makes it much more stable than the other helmets in the market. 

Also, the shell has been made with the superior quality ABS material as well as it is lightweight which makes it really easy to carry it with you, however, and wherever you like it. 

The interior is made up of comfortable adjusting pads which could take up to a couple of days to adjust to the user’s head but once it has been adjusted you wouldn’t even feel like you’re wearing it.

This is the sole reason that Sepia Muscle Rider Open Face Helmet is arguably one of the best helmets in the market right now.


  • High-quality ABS material shell
  • Comfortable in nature
  • Unbelievable Price


  • One or two more Safety features could be implemented.


If you’re looking for a helmet that is pocket friendly, stylish and comfortable in nature, think no more because this is hands down the best that is available in the market.

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FAQ’s about Best Royal Enfield Helmets

Who makes the best helmet for Royal Enfield?

Different companies make different types of helmets for RE bikes. We recommend brands like Steelbird, Royal Enfield, Vega, and Sepia.

Which Helmet brand is best for Royal Enfield?

You can go for Steelbird SBA-2 7 WINGS Full Face Helmet. Steelbird is one of the best helmet brands in India.

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