Best Electric Kettles in India Latest List of 2021

Looking for a safe and high-quality electric kettle for boiling milk, quick tea or 2 minutes Maggi?

Well with this post, we will help you choose the best electric kettle for your daily use from top brands in India.

Electric appliances have replaced the conventional methods of cooking. No more fiddling with the gas stove to get a cup of boiling water.

We are living in an era where everything happens with just one tap of the switch.

So, why should we go with the trouble of lighting up the gas stove for a simple task like boiling water?

With an electric kettle, you can boil water as well as perform a variety of other tasks.

For its multi-purpose nature, the electric kettle has always been on demand in the market.

It can be a very tedious task to go through all the brands and see if their products meet your needs.

If you’re getting worried about finding the best electric kettle, then you have come to the right place.

We have prepared a curated list consisting of the best electric kettles present in the Indian market.

To gain some extra knowledge about electric kettles, check out our buying guide.

It teaches you all the important details that one should know before purchasing an electric kettle.

Go through the list and see which product catches your eyes.

Our Top 3 Electic Kettle Picks:

Here we present our top 3 best electric kettle recommendations. Click and check if you are in a hurry.

  1. Prestige PKGSS 1.7L 1500W Electric Kettle (Best in overall)
  2. Philips HD9306/06 1.5-Litre Electric Kettle (Best in customer ratings)
  3. Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Water Kettle (Best in price)

A Buying Guide to Choose The Best Electric Kettles in India 2021

There are a few things you should know before writing your checklist for the perfect electric kettle. Refer to this kettle buying guide given below and see what features you want in your electric kettle.

  1. Types of Electric Kettles: You can find two types of electric kettles in the market- the corded type and the cordless type.

    1.1 The Corded electric kettles are the traditional ones where the cord is directly plugged into the kettle’s base.

    1.2 The Cordless electric kettles have a modern design. These types of kettles come with a removable base and the cord is attached to the base, not to the kettle. You have to place the kettle on top of the base and after the work is done, you can simply move the kettle to wherever you want. It is more travel friendly and safe to use.
  1. Capacity: Electric kettles start at one Liter capacity. But the capacity can range up to as maximum as 2 Liters. One litre would be enough for customers who want to use the electric kettle for only making tea or coffee. But for those who have more needs for the kettle, they can go for a larger capacity one.
  2. Boiling speed: The primary feature of an electric kettle is it’s boiling speed. Electric kettles present in the market these days can boil the water in 3-4 minutes. However, some electric kettles can take 5-6 minutes. So, choose the one which sounds convenient for you.
  3. Automatic shut-off: While using an electric appliance, you should always be careful. But with the automatic shut-off feature of the new generation electric kettles, you don’t have to worry about safety. After the boiling temperature is reached, the kettle can automatically shut down. It saves electricity and it also helps to prevent accidents.
  4. Keep-Warm Feature: It is another impressive feature of an electric kettle. The feature helps to keep the boiled water warm for a longer time. Even the cheapest electric kettles can keep the water warm for around 30 min or even an hour, which is very useful.
  5. Non-spill Spout: You should go for an electric kettle that comes with a non-spill spout. As the name suggests, the spout prevents any kind of spillage. It is an important factor to consider if you don’t want to end up in a messy situation.
  6. Noise: Like any other electric appliances, electric kettles also make noise. So, choose an electric kettle that isn’t too noisy for you.

10 Best Electric Kettles in India 2021

A list of 10 best electric kettles present in the Indian market in 2021 at The Suggester.

1. Bajaj 1.7-Litre Cordless Kettle

Bajaj is the most trusted and reliable brand in India. If you are looking for an electric kettle that is energy efficient and affordable, then check out the Bajaj cordless kettle.

Bajaj 1.7-Litre Cordless Electric Kettle
Bajaj Water Kettle Under 2000

It comes with 1.7Litre of capacity which means you can boil large quantities of milk/water without any problems.

It has a water volume indicator that prevents overflowing. It is cordless and lightweight.

Presence of the automatic shut-down and dry boil security features allow a safer experience.

The kettle has an ergonomically designed impressive look, made with fine plastic material that ensures durability.

More importantly, you can get all these awesome features within an affordable price range.


  • 360-degree connector with a detachable base
  • Dry boil safe and overheat protection
  • Warranty: 2years
  • Automatic or manual switch off for safety
  • Concealed heating element


  • The kettle’s top lid can be delicate.

Buy Bajaj Electic Kettle – Amazon India | Flipkart

2. Philips HD9306/06 1.5-Litre Electric Kettle

If you are looking for a high end brand product, then you should check out the Philips HD9306/06 1.5-Litre Electric Kettle. The kettle’s elite look and premium features make it one of the best electric kettles in India.

Buy PHILIPS Electric Kettle in India
Best Philips Electic Kettle Under 2500

It has a wide mouth which ensures spill-proof pouring of liquid and makes it easy to clean the inside of the kettle.

The kettle offers a one-touch spring lid and pirouette base for easier handling and to prevent scalding. The handle of the Philips electric kettle has better and safer hold with a cool-touch feature.

The body of this amazing electric kettle is made of food-grade stainless steel that can withstand up to higher temperatures. It can prevent the formation of rust and keep your food safe.

To ensure protection, the kettle has various features such as steam sensor, overheat protection and dry boiling protection.

The automatic cut-off feature of the Philips electric kettle prevents any kind of mishappenings and the concealed heating element protects the formation of scale. The kettle can be a bit pricier, but purchasing this kettle will be worth your money.


  • Power: 1800 watts
  • Warranty for 2 years
  • 360-degree cordless pirouette base, for easier handling
  • Cord winder for easy storage
  • Transparent measurement points on both sides


  • Short power cord.

Buy Philips Electic Kettle From Amazon India or Buy From Flipkart

3. Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS (1.5Ltr)

Prestige is popular for its quality kitchen appliances. You can’t make a best electric kettles list without including the Prestige electric kettle PKOSS. It comes with a unique design with attractive finishes.

Buy Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS - 1500watts Steel (1.5Ltr) Black in India
Best Prestige Water Kettle Under 1000

It works with 1500W power that makes the boiling faster than a regular stove-top and microwave. It provides large capacity (1.5L). With Prestige electric kettle PKOSS, the water boils in just 5-6 minutes.

The spout of the kettle comes with a removable perforated stainless steel filter, designed for easy pouring, and to strain the water while you pour. It has a power indicator that lights up when the water starts boiling.

The automatic cut off feature cuts the power off when the kettle reaches an optimum temperature.

It comes with a single touch lid locking feature and a cord winder.

The best thing is that you can get all these amazing features with a pocket friendly rate.


  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Warranty for 1year
  • 360 degree swivel base
  • Elegant handles with single-touch lid locking
  • Concealed element
  • Power indicator


  • Not suitable for boiling milk

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4. Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Water Kettle 

Butterfly is a leading electric appliances brand in India. If you want all the best features of a premium brand at an affordable price, then you should check out the Butterfly EKN 1.5Litre Water kettle under 1000 rupees.

Buy Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Water Kettle Under 1000 in India
Best Butterfly Electric Kettle Under 1000 Rupees

It has ergonomically designed handles, unique designs with attractive finishes. It is lightweight and compact, easy to carry around.

The concealed element of the body makes it easy to clean as you can move your hands through the kettle easily.

It helps with avoiding corrosion too. The kettle is made of superior quality stainless steel body. It has high quality thermostat control.

The water boils down in minutes. And you don’t have to keep a close observation because it has automatic cut-off feature and dry boil protection.

It also has a lockable lid for safety and to prevent accidental spills while you’re pouring.


  • Power: 1500 watts
  • 360 degree swirl base
  • Durable and easy to wash
  • Cord Length: 1 meter
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • No water level indicator

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5. Kent 16023 1500-Watt Electric Kettle 

Now, let’s talk about this electric kettle that is trending in India. The Kent 16023 Electric kettle has an impressive borosilicate glass body that is aesthetically pleasing as well as ergonomically effective.

Buy Kent 16023 1500-Watt Electric Kettle online in India under 1500 rupees
Kent Electric Kettle Under 1500 Rupees

It’s elegant design and powerful features have brought it to our best electric kettles list.

The kettle offers 1.7 liter capacity, efficient to make tea for a big group. The attractive thing about this kettle is its LED illuminator and auto cut off feature.

The indicator lights up when the kettle starts working and a water level indicator is present to prevent overflowing. The kettle also has overheating and dry boil protection.


  • Warranty: 1 year warranty
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Attractive borosilicate glass body with concealed heating element and stainless steel cover. 
  • 360 degree rotation of body along with detachable power base


  • A bit too expensive

Buy Kent Brand Electric Kettle on Amazon India & Flipkart

6. Bajaj 1-Litre 1200-Watt Cordless Kettle

If you’re looking for an electric kettle of small capacity that is easy to use, then you should check out the Bajaj cordless electric kettle. It has a capacity of 1Litre which is enough for boiling water or making tea.

Buy Bajaj 1-Litre 1200-Watt Cordless Kettle, White online in India under 1500
Bajaj Electric Kettle Under 2000 Rupees

The curved handle of the kettle allows easy lifting and filling. And the spout ensures easy pouring and prevents spillage.

You don’t have to worry about any kind of accidents because it has dry boil safety and overheat protection.

The best thing about this kettle is its cool touch body protection that protects your fingers from getting burned while handling the kettle.

The kettle is energy efficient. So, you don’t have to worry about electric bills. All these amazing features have made this product one of the top selling electric kettles of India.


  • Uses 1200-Watt and can boil up to one litre of water in just a few minutes.
  • Warranty- 2years
  • Automatic switch-off
  • 360-degree connector with a detachable base
  • Concealed heating element


  • Not easy to wash

Buy Bajaj 1 Litre Water Kettle on Amazon India | Flipkart

7. Prestige PKGSS 1.7L 1500W Electric Kettle 

Prestige offers a wide variety of impressive electric kettles. But this one tops them all. When it comes to design and performance, this product has no match.

Buy Prestige PKGSS 1.7L 1500W Electric Kettle (Stainless Steel) online in India

The kettle offers a large capacity of 1.7Litre which is enough to make tea or cook Maggi for 5-6 people. The body is made of stainless steel and has a single touch lid opening feature.

The mouth of the kettle is wide enough to allow spill-proof pouring and easy cleaning. The glass lid of the kettle gives it an aesthetic look.

To prevent any kind of mishappenings, the kettle has the auto shut off option too. It is ergonomically efficient and comes under the affordable price range.


  • 1500 Watts Power
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Elegant Handle and Glass Lid
  • Automatic cut off and keep warm features
  • Single Touch Lid Locking
  • Power Indicator
  • Concealed Heating Elements


  • No water level indicator

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8.Pigeon by Stovekraft Shiny Steel 1.5-Litre Electric Kettle 

Pigeon has been offering us a variety of quality products for a long time. We can’t continue this list without adding the Pigeon by Stovekraft Shiny Steel 1.5-Litre Electric Kettle.

Buy Pigeon by Stovekraft Shiny Steel 1.5-Litre Electric Kettle (Black) online in India
Best Pigeon Electric Kettle Around 500 Rupees

It offers a unique hygienic stainless steel body that has a food grade quality.

The kettle comes with a cord winding base and an elegant spout design. Don’t worry about quantity, because the kettle can afford a high capacity of 1.5 liters.

And don’t worry about safety, because it has an auto-shut down option. The kettle operates with a power of 1500 watts and can offer you boiling water in just a few minutes.


  • 360 degree cordless base
  • One year warranty
  • Elegant look
  • Value for money


  • Issues with the cord length

Check & Buy on Amazon | Check Offer Price on Flipkart

9. Inalsa Aliva 1500 Watt Electric Kettle in 1.5-Litre

Inalsa is a well known brand when it comes to home and kitchen appliances. And they didn’t stay behind in the electric kettles category.

Inalsa Aliva Electric Kettle operates with the power of 1500-Watt and provides super-fast boiling services. It is the best electric kettle for boiling milk.

Buy Inalsa Aliva 1500 Watt Electric Kettle in 1.5-Litre (Black/Silver) online in India
Best Inalsa Aliva 1500 Watt Electric Kettle Below 1000

The kettle has a stainless steel body with a sleek design and attractive brush finishes that ensures its durability.

It has an inbuilt stainless steel filter sieve that filters the coffee and tea powder perfectly.

When it comes to safety, the kettle has both the dry boil protection and automatic shut off feature.

It comes with a power indicator light that indicates whether the kettle is working or not so that you remember to switch off the kettle and avoid any kind of accidents.


  • 360 degree cordless base with a cord winder for better storage.
  • One year warranty
  • Elegant brushed finish stainless steel design
  • Stainless steel filter sieve


  • Issues with the lid

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10. Morphy Richards InstaCook 1200 W, 0.5 Litre Noodle/Pasta & Beverage (Multi-purpose) Electric kettle

If you want to have a multi-purpose electric kettle, then Morphy Richards InstaCook electric kettle is the best product for you.

Buy Morphy Richards InstaCook Multi-purpose Electric kettle for Noodle, Pasta, Maggi, Boiling Milk & Beverage India
Best Multi-purpose Electric Kettle Under 3000 Rupees

The kettle comes with a variable temperature control knob that makes it different from the other electric kettles. You can control the temperature to cook delicious noodles/pasta.

It has a steaming basket for noodles/pasta and a steam rack to steam vegetables.

It has a fully concealed body unit with a removable plastic lid that makes it different from the traditional electric kettles.

It also has a cordless connector base that makes it portable. You can carry this instacook kettle anywhere you want and enjoy hot beverages or soupy noodles.


  • Temperature controlling knob
  • Auto cut-off and dry boil protection
  • Warranty: 2years
  • Multi-functional with strix inside
  • Quality stainless steel designed body with transparent lid


  • Noisy
  • Issues with thermostat control

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Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Kettle in India

1) Does an electric kettle consume a lot of electricity?

An electric kettle uses 1200 watts- 1500 watts of power. And boiling water with the electric kettle only takes a few minutes. So, there’s nothing to worry about electricity consumption. 

2) Are electric kettles good for health?

The electric kettles which use plastic material may not be good for your health. But these days, you can find good quality stainless steel electric kettles at a cheaper price. You can find them on our list. And they are actually more convenient to use than a regular gas stove which releases harmful smoke.

3) What happens when you leave water in the kettle?

Many electric kettle guidelines will advise you not to leave water in the kettle. Leaving water inside the kettle for a long time will lead to limescale residue build up. And this can result in degrading the taste of water. Also, it can affect the performance of your kettle.

4) How to clean an electric kettle properly?

  • Half fill your kettle with lemon water, then heat the mixture. Let it boil, then unplug the kettle and wait for some time.
  • After the mixture cools down, clean the kettle internally using normal water.
  • Then, add drinking water and boil it again. Let it cool down, then throw the water away.
  • Now, rinse the kettle using cold water and dry it with a clean cloth. And your kettle will smell new and fresh.

5) Are electric kettles expensive?

You can find electric kettles starting at only 500 Rs in India. The cost of an electric kettle depends on various factors such as kettle types, capacity, advanced features, etc. And if you’re looking for a good electric kettle at an affordable price, then check out our list given above.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a hosteler or not, you are going to need an electric kettle at some point in your life. It is portable, light-weight, and multi-functional.

You just need a power outlet to plug it in and then you are good to go. Whether it is about boiling milk, making delicious tea, or cooking instant noodles, the electric kettle will perform all these tasks for you.

With this, we have come to the end of this article. We hope this guide was helpful and you have already selected the perfect and best electric kettle for you.

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      About Safety:

      There is a moderated risk as you’re making tea or coffee near an electric outlet. Still, all such risks can be quickly relieved by obeying the safety guidelines mentioned in the instruction manual.

      Today, most of the electric kettle brands in India use food-grade materials, quality standards, and more, so it is safe to use electric kettles in India. Just go for a quality e-kettle product.

      Best Brands in India for Electric Kettles

      There are plenty of brands that sell fantastic electric kettles in the Indian market. You can trust the following brands: Philips, Prestige, Kent, Pigeon and Butterfly.


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